Monday, July 8, 2013

Got my gear; gettin' ready; go!

CLMOOC Week Cycle Three

Learning Principles 

Isn't that what any type of learning involves? Get the tools -- get prepared -- go learn! Today, we have the ability with the Internet to learn and do, share, connect and inspire others!

That's my hopes with this Creative Learning project. I have learned so much about biking! I have pushed my limits to build endurance and strength. I am finding others with a similar interest locally and I am having a great time sharing and connecting with others around the world about this project.

Along a bike path, running trail, walking area, just wonder what type of natural and historical landmarks, museums, ecosystems, educational opportunities, and points of interest exist? During this project, I hope to explore this question and keep doing so after the CLMOOC is completed. There are many ways to find answers and share with others. An answer to one question opens opportunities to further activity and learning! As I began mini-blogging my hopes for better fitness in Tumblr, a fitness expert favorited my blog. Now, I look forward to reading and learning daily from this resource, regarding diet, exercise, and life style. You see,  learning is always on a curve uphill!

For sure I will keep pushing the limits of fitness on the bike and hope to see some progress in strength and endurance. Maybe even, the pounds will drop. In my neighborhood and local area, as I bike, I look for aspects of the area to learn about. Talking with others, libraries, museums, etc. offer those opportunities to learn. Photography, blogging, marking Google Maps, and conversations with others allows the opportunity to connect and share fun learning. This is, likewise, a great thing to do on vacations!

This collaboration, Making Learning Connected (#clmooc),  is based on learning principles that believe learning activities should be interest-powered, peer-supported, and academically oriented. Join me in this fitness effort in your area or on your next vacation! Do you find getting fit interest-powered? I hope so! Seek encouragement from others! Getting outdoors for some refreshing exercise will open up a world of opportunity to learn even more. What's the history of this area?What can you learn about the ecosystems of this area? How can you share your learning with others? How might you be able to connect with others in your area or globally to improve community living. You will see learning is an uphill journey!

See you along the way!

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