Sunday, September 28, 2008

Do you plurk?

Plurking is pretty awesome! You can ask a question or share your thoughts. Quickly, you have some feedback with folks around the world!

Testing out a comic strip generator, I did this quick comic on plurk.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Wanted: You to Visit Your Library

Who'd of thought! Back in 1994, as a nice collaborative effort, I pulled out a puzzle of Lewis and Clark and placed it in the high school library! I was doing my part in a collaborative teaching project for a group of students researching Lewis and Clark. They loved it!

To my surprise, many other students and teachers took a few minutes to add their assistance in this puzzle. I wondered if mischievousness would cause pieces to disappear. Quite the contrary!

It has been five years now, and I guess we have completed about 75 puzzles. Rarely does a piece disappear! It is a sense of accomplishment by many when a puzzle is completed. This is left on display for a complete day, but rest assured, people are anxious to get started on a new one.

There are very few puzzles that we cannot step up to the challenge. It provides a community sense of accomplishment for our students and staff.

The puzzle spot offers a quiet zone where people can unwind, reflect, or calm down! It is a pleasure to see a group of five standing or sitting around this area, working together. This is a happy place to be! So, come on over. We have a 1,000 piece puzzle to do! And wait until you see what is next!!!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Reading is the Cat's Meow

Reading is the Cat's Meow
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When I sit down to read on the couch, I usually fall asleep! But it is a favorite time for me. I have a cat that tries to sit on the pages and a dog that snuggles in his spot right beside me!

Where do you like to read?

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Cozy library

Cozy library
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Could you lend a helping hand in keeping our library nice for all?

In reading and responding to a blog over at:, I have the following thoughts:

I am a high school teacher librarian for six years and have transformed a traditionally quiet library into a popular social / learning spot from 7a.m. to 3:30 p.m. We offer a nice collection of books for 1800 students, with an average copyright age of 12 years. We also offer high-speed Internet connection and an array of outstanding online research databases. The students are encouraged to use these and are learning how to critically evaluate sites reached by search engines. Students like their library! We even offer upwards of 90 different magazine titles, not to mention, we have chess and puzzles!

We will soon move into a brand new high school and a new library. I am hoping to gain approval on an outsourced coffeehouse in the library, to be enjoyed on the vinyl, tile flooring of the library and within a small library cafe.

In reading the global buzz about whether or not libraries should offer fun and food, I do see my "relaxed" policy (allowing for (1) more personal comfort and (2) more social, interacting zones) has often edged out common courtesy. Bottles of pop, water, chips and candy make their way into the lab, and supplies that are freely accessible at a station are left lying around everywhere, with cut paper also strewn across the room. Spills show up in areas where food and drink are discouraged. I wonder why a person doesn't think to clean up the trash left behind or a spill on a tabletop.

So how best might we instill self-discipline, respect and appreciation of one's public surroundings, manners and common courtesy? This can happen, but it takes the dedicated effort of many helping hands and voices to become a reality. Hmm, I need to give this more thought and enlist the help of others in our school to make this happen. Any suggestions???

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Photo Play : Take on Education

The sun is trying to break through as I drive up the hill to our high school campus. What are the challenges that await today? Learning will happen, I know, in big ways and small ways.

May I do my best at making a positive impact on the lives of these teens. I may never know the difference I have made in the lives of others. Just a smile, a word of encouragement, a nod of endorsement.

Each student is special and each student is important! There's magic in learning!

Thanks @dianecordell for a great idea on writing poetry on the flickr pictures! Your work inspired me to try thiis!

Monday, September 1, 2008