Monday, April 16, 2012

Paper Tweets - charged and powerful

Here's my presentation on ethical participation in research and project development given today at the Iowa Association of School Librarians' Conference today in Des Moines, Gourmet Guide to Ethics.

During the presentation, I asked for the audience to reflect on ethics, either by tweeting or by using these paper tweets. Here are a few paper tweets:

Copyright can empower our students! Teach them how it benefits them instead of hinders them!

Creative Commons: Good point to allow students to modify your pictures! Love the idea to have students paint your pictures!

Civic assignment: Allow students to pull pictures to describe the Bill of Rights!

It is our responsibility to keep reminding students to cite where they get their pictures and sounds.

Noodle Tools - great scaffolding of ethical use, learning.

(April 16, 2012)