Monday, August 20, 2012

First Day of High School!

First day.... 2012-13....High School...
One girl said to another and to me in the hallway--today, on the first day back to school, "Summer just felt like a very long weekend."  Isn't it crazy how time flies when you look back? She seemed to be content with her summer but happy to be back in school.

The students  realize the importance of their education. They are listening to what's being said about the value of education. I work in the library. Lots of students consider this "home away from home." It is a comfort zone, a learning zone, a social zone, and a retreat for others.

Early in the morning, a new freshman shivered as she sat in my office! She shared, "This is a big scary place." I just bet she left the building laughing with joy by the end of the day!

And of course, some of the Seniors had to welcome everyone one back this morning, visually. They had a look of fatigue throughout the day as they tossed toilet paper on the campus grounds the night before!!! Is this the "ghost of senior traditions of the past?"  I hope these seniors put as much energy into their studies this year to prepare them for the next step!

Have a fine year, students across the world! Make positive memories! Be good! And learn along the way! It is a wise investment!