Sunday, December 28, 2008

Love, Peace, Harmony, and Fruitcake

I asked one of my sons, "And what do you want for Christmas?"

His reply, "Love, Peace, Harmony, and Fruitcake." Humm, that's a great list to give and will take thought. Perhpaps, the easiest on the list is the fruitcake.

And so, on Christmas Eve, I sent my youngest and the Dad on a mission to find the fruitcake. "Don't come home till you find it!" They were quite successful from the start and the present was wrapped with loving care! To my surprise, on Christmas morning, my son had a German fruitcake for me, as well.

After the hustle and bustle of playing with the toys, we pulled out the fruitcakes. It seems these fruitcakes have more to offer than simply the eating! We were sharing our love and some precious time together; I rather think a new tradition has begun. Stories were shared of great-grandmother's special cake wrapped in the old barrel soaked in grape juice. These, too, were happy times for many family members that have passed on. Another great-grandmother's best recipe was her fruitcake. It's time to pull that recipe out of the 'ole church recipe book and give it a try. A few smiles from heaven will look down joyfully on that!

And the special meaning of this activity goes on! To think, we were sharing a German cake and an American cake. Perhaps, this represents a vision of world peace and harmony, a sharing of cultures and traditions. Who would have thought that the exchange of these gifts could symbolize world harmony!

So, in 2009, I shall give my best effort of providing love, peace, and harmony to everyone. This was, after all, the top request on my son's list. Won't you share in this effort? And about the fruitcake, Christmas will be here soon enough. I'll look forward to another afternoon of sharing a healthy dessert, love, and time together!

Friday, December 19, 2008

Guarding the Printer

Guarding the Printer
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This fellow is in charge! There will be no wasting of paper and ink in this house with him around. As we move to an Web2.0 society, perhaps we can all think about conserving more, writing and saving to the Web instead of wasting so much paper, ink and resources!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Teens share from the heart!

SE Polk Book Club enjoys giving new books to the Seasons of Sharing Project, sponsored by Central Place. This is an effort to provide gifts to others in our community. The teens raise the money to buy books by working concession stands. It is rewarding that we can handle these books, bringing back memories of our own childhoods. We personalize these books from the Book Club and know that these books will make families in our area very happy during this holiday season.

"Love grows by giving. The love we give away is the only love we keep." ~E. Hubbard Teens Share Slideshow

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Madam Speaker Please Recognize Me!

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December 8, 2008--It has been a yearly tradition for six years that the SE Polk Senior High School joins together with another school in Iowa over the ICN to have a simulation creation of a bill. This year the mission was to make a bill for a school dress code! The simulation's governor did indeed pass the bill! He commented that the students were stricter on their bill than his own school's policy! That's a good thing!!!

And do the students learn how difficult it is to pass a bill? You bet.

The SE Polk students were commended for being one of the best groups ever! That makes a teacher proud to hear!