Thursday, September 24, 2009

Sept. 21, 2009 - Strength in Letters

I am working with a fine group of teachers learning about using online tools in the classroom. Thank you for your attention.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Origins -- My real About Me

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Where I am From
by C. VanHook

I am from stately old pecans trees
supporting wheel barrow tree houses
I am from the afternoon jingle
of the ice cream man strolling down the lane
I am from amusement parks and hula dancing in the streets
with cousins at Grandma and Pa’s
My bank account is filled with memories of shiny white bush-coins
that made me rich in play
I am from the deep South where cold springs take the swimmer’s
breath away, fishing on the dock and swimming in the seaweed
I am from journeys into town with Papa to shop Piggly-Wiggly
and to climb the mountain of library steps
for awaiting adventures with Nancy Drew
I am from a red Cocker who could play hide and seek
and a Siamese that would leave headless gifts in my bedroom closet
I am from country ham and biscuits, pecan pie, boiled peanuts, and pinto beans--
real soulful, Southern delicacies
I am from teenage shopping trips with Mom in search of Bobby Brooks
I am from big oaks and pines and rows and rows of rainbow-colored flowers
I am from a Daddy’s royal harvest of silver queen, red juicy tomatoes,
and purple crowders just waiting for a Mother’s yummy Sunday dinner
I am from aunts and uncles who adored the nieces and nephews,
cozy visits, and words of wisdom that gave us a wealth of confidence
I am from the mindset that there is something good in everyone
and that when you find your true love,
it's a 50/50 “give and take” relationship
I am from a genealogical mix spanning Pennsylvania to Georgia!
The memories are precious and give tribute to a happy childhood!

What's your About Me?

Connecting in Education

Connecting in Education
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I wonder how education has changed. Our elders were happy learners in their day and time. The stories passed down through the ages tell us so.

The baby boomers had it pretty good in the classroom, too! Class reunions reveal some pretty happy, successful, educated learners!

Today's classroom has rapidly turned global and digital. 21st century learning is essential for our students. Student success after graduation requires new ways of learning and delivering. How exciting!

Knowledge has changed, but the desire to learn is the same...yesterday, today, and tomorrow. We are still making connections.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

A New School Offers Welcome Grounds

What a rewarding feeling to have such a fine group of students support their cause. Indeed these kids geek the library and book club!

Take a few games, a little meeting time as a group, pizza and pop, and some music and karaoke for a high school Book Club to have a blast. The most important piece of this puzzle? Answer: fellowship

Great national movement....

Friday, September 11, 2009

Sept. 9, 2009 - Ribbon Cutting Ceremony

On the 12th day of the new school year, in our brand new high school, the Library opened its Around the Corner Cafe. We had a late start for students so teachers could have inservice, but many students eagerly came an hour early. These students lined up at the cafe to be apart of this grand opening. Quickly, we decided to have a ribbon cutting ceremony. Lucky Chaz volunteered to cut the ribbon, which was really my new silk scarf. I told him, "Whatever you do....don't cut my scarf!" I did, however, award him a smoothie for his cooperative spirit!! What a fun time and a big laugh we had!

Stories and meaningful experiences are what libraries offer our communities. Enjoy a photo story for the opening day of the Around the Corner Cafe by clicking on this picture. (You will transfer to my photo gallery at Flickr. Find the tag for "SE Polk Library Cafe" to see a slideshow in the top right-hand corner of the webpage.
-Sept. 9, 2009